Thinking About a Swimming Pool?

Some things to consider

Backyard swimming pools have enjoyed a steady rise in popularity as a great way to cool off and relax in a private setting. A swimming pool can be a great focus for family, friends and entertaining. As great as owning a swimming pool can be there are things to consider if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and getting one installed for your home.

What kind of pool do you want?

You will need to decide if you want an above ground or an in-ground pool. Both have advantages and special considerations. Usually the main factor in this decision is cost. A perfectly fine above ground pool can be installed for under $1500 while an in-ground pool will cost at least 8 times as much depending on size and location. Appearance can be another factor. Generally speaking an in-ground pool is more attractive to most people than an above ground pool. Conversely, above ground pools are far more attractive than in years past. The look of fake wood slats and such is pretty much a thing of the past. Liner choices too are much wider and more attractive for an above ground pool than they used to be. Generally speaking, an above ground pool will cost less to operate. Because they hold less water they use smaller pumps and are a little easier on chemicals. Just for yucks consider an in-ground pool has a lifetime of up to forty years. The average above ground pool is in operation for about five years.

I want an in-ground pool, how about that?

In addition to the factors above an in-ground pool allows far more flexibility in design and options. Your budget is really the only limit on what you can do with an in-ground pool design. Negative edges, waterfalls, natural rock formations, swim in bars, attached spas, you name it and with enough coin of the realm you can have it. Even standard designs and forms can yield a very attractive backyard feature at a relatively reasonable price.

I’ve decided an above ground pool is the way to go.

Above ground pools have come a long way. Much improved wall designs and liners make them much less the eyesore that kept prospective buyers away. Add on decking, whether prefab or custom built, can make the above ground pool a very attractive focus for summer fun and for considerably less money. Pool accessory manufacturers have gotten the message and offer many products for above ground pools that used to be available only to in-ground owners; basket ball and volley ball games, solar blanket reels and even pool slides!

The nitty gritty

Installing a pool also has some serious considerations, safety and liability being paramount. Most non-rural areas will require a building permit and mandate safety fencing for the pool area as well as limited access to the pool. Local ordinances vary so make sure you know what’s in place in your town. Wherever you live securing a pool from unauthorized entry should be a no-brainer.

Real estate values can also be an important consideration. Realty research shows that a pool is neutral factor in a home’s value. Potential buyers are about evenly divided on whether a pool is a good or bad thing in any given property. Research on the type of pool is sketchy but remember, an above ground pool is removable an in-ground is not.

Hopefully this will help in making a decision on the pool of your dreams. I can only hit the high points so make sure you do your homework and think carefully about your decision. Take your time, do it right and you’ll have a swimming pool that will pay big dividends in fun, relaxation and entertainment.