The Right Oven For Your Kitchen

Now more than ever because of the different types of cooking methods and the styles of ovens available people are becoming confused over which is the best oven option for them when redesigning or building a new kitchen in their homes. Hopefully the information provided below will help to make the decision on what is the right oven for your kitchen much easier.

Firstly we come to the conventional oven which normally uses either gas or electric (heating element) to provide heat to the oven for cooking food. Unfortunately with this style of oven there seems to be one problem which is that the heat does not always get dissipated evenly throughout the oven and you may find that you can only cook one dish at a time (even if you have the space for more).

Next we come to the convection oven, which uses a fan inside to move the hot air around the oven and this results in a more even heat being dissipated around the whole oven, which means that all the shelves can be used effectively. Another advantage of a convection oven is that they are more energy efficient, not only do they reach the required temperature faster, but they can also be used for cooking at lower temperatures as well. As previously mentioned these styles of ovens have either a fan assisted or fan forced delivery system for dissipating the heat more evenly around the oven. For those ovens that are fan assisted you will find that the heating element/gas flame and fan are separate usually the heating source is at the bottom of the oven and the fan at the back. Whilst if you have a fan forced oven then you will find that both the heating element/gas flame is surrounded by the fan. In some cases you may even find that your oven is a combination oven meaning it is both a conventional and convection oven. Then there are some combination ovens that are both a microwave and convection oven as well and this has a number of advantages over a normal convection oven, not only can food be cooked quicker in it but you will discover that even less energy is used than a normal convection oven.

Another thing that needs to be considered when looking to purchase an oven for your kitchen is the space where it will be located. Some ovens can be installed in a wall, others under a counter and there are those that are part of a traditional stove/oven combination unit. Then other people will look at just how easy the oven will be to clean. A standard oven will have to be cleaned the old fashioned way (using oven cleaner, scrubbing pad and a good deal of elbow grease). However, if you want you could purchase self cleaning ovens which are provided with a super high temperature setting which is used when the oven is empty and the door is locked. This style of oven will burn off any food left in the oven until it turns to ash and all you have to do is wipe it out using a damp sponge or cloth. But if you don’t want to get dirty, and then consider using your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the ash and dust that has been made. Or it may be you decide to purchase a continuous cleaning oven which has a special surface that helps to absorb and spread out any spills that appear during cooking which can be burned off at a lower temperature. These styles of ovens can be cleaned periodically with just either a damp sponge or cloth just like the self cleaning oven. Unfortunately any larger spills that occur in this type of oven will have to be removed using the traditional method of using oven cleaner and elbow grease. It is wise to clean up any spills as soon as possible else if left too long they will become a permanent feature of the oven.