To Remodel Or Not To Remodel

If your lifestyle has changed and your current home cannot accommodate you–maybe you’ve gotten married or you’ve had children–then remodeling could well provide you with the means to create a more comfortable home. Budget, budget, budget Before you begin anything you really need to plan a strict budget and set aside a specific amount of…

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7 Tips For A Better Kitchen

Eating will never go out of fashion. We will always need a place in the home where we can easily and safely prepare our food. We call that place the kitchen. Here are a few tips to help make your kitchen a better, safer and more efficient place to work in. Lighting is probably the…

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3 Simple Home Improvements For Under $100

It seems everyone is applying for loans so that they can make improvements to their home. Some individuals will burn through thousands of dollars to improve the look if their home. Major improvements such as new flooring or a deck can require a significant amount of money. However, you don’t have to go to those…

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Ten Ways to Survive Remodeling Your Home

1. Think of the project as a new diet. Who doesn’t want to lose at least five pounds? This is one way to do it. Between running to stores all day and evening long, meeting with contractors, inspecting the work, searching the Western world for the perfect light fixture, who has time to eat? Provided…

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Decorating Tips to Update Your Living Room

Your living room is the entertainment and living center of your home. Chances are that you’ve had some very memorable gatherings there, and it is where you relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. Because this room tends to be such a high traffic area, and to have so much time spent in…

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Basement Remodeling Starts With Permanent Waterproofing

Basement remodeling can add lots of extra living space to your home but beware; basement water leakage could put a real damper on your hopes if not properly corrected. There are two conditions you must address for a dry basement, actual water leakage and condensation. Water leakage is a pretty obvious concern to homeowners but…

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Beautifying Your Basement

Remodeled basement

Quick Tips for a Successful Basement Remodel (ARA) – Need a place to entertain the guys and house the pool table? Want to rid the family room of toys from tots and teens? Remodeling your basement is the easiest and most affordable way to add value and additional living space to your home. Depending on…

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Ready to Move Consider Remodeling Instead

Remodel Your Home

Is your home feeling a little squeezed or out-of-date? You may want to join the millions of Americans who are turning to professional contractors instead of Realtors. According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), home remodeling may be preferable to moving. Remodeling can be less expensive — the process of selling a…

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Getting Your House Organized

Home organization

In this modern world, when distant populations are connected by computers and modern communications, when we are all aware of so many possibilities, we seem to have less time and space to enjoy the abundance around us. Today it is common for both spouses work outside the home. Everyone comes home exhausted from work at…

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Bathroom Makeover

Redecorate Bathroom

According to contractors, the room that is undergoing the greatest amount of transformation in new construction and remodeling is the bathroom. In fact, since the 1930s, the average master bath has tripled in size and the huge bathrooms build in houses today have even an over sized closet inside. The change in bathroom space is…

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